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Top 5 reasons why Data Centers need SOC1 Audit Report

  • Narendra Sahoo
  • Published date: 2020-10-20 09:53:54

Organizations often outsource some of their services to third-party vendors for handling their business-critical data. With some of your most valuable data assets stored with third-party organizations, security becomes a major concern. As a service organization, you would want to know whether the security controls implemented are the best practices to safeguard your customer’s data. You would also want to ensure that your third-party vendor is Compliant with various industry standards. This is when a SOC1 Audit comes into the picture. SOC1 Audit plays a key role in ensuring whether or not a company is compliant with the set security standards and has in place necessary controls. This blog covers the top 5 reasons why a data center should consider or rather need a SOC1 Audit. But before delving in, let us first understand what a SOC1 Audit is.

Security and Data Privacy in 5G and Next Generation IoT Networks

  • Haruna Isah
  • Published date: 2020-08-06 11:16:55

As 5G standards continue to evolve, all relevant stakeholders including research institutions should be involved in the 5G technology rollout process and the 6G development initiative to ensure the security of billions of IoT devices and systems. This also applies to the development of emergent networks which will have big implications for government and industry solutions in terms of public safety and critical asset protection.