Like plumbing did for water, Australia's 'consumer data right' could make your personal data safer and easier to share

  • Ross Buckley, ARC Laureate Fellow, Scientia Professor of Law, UNSW Sydney, Natalia Jevglevskaja, Research Fellow on the ARC Laureate Project on the data revolution (, UNSW Sydney--The Conversation Africa
  • published date: 2023-09-17 20:00:44 UTC

Australia’s new “consumer data right” leads the world in allowing data to be moved safely and efficiently. So what is it? And how can it help protect you and your personal data against data breaches?

Shutterstock Back in 2017, The Economist published a headline that became a meme. It said data had become the new oil. By that it meant that the world’s biggest and most profitable companies no lon… [+6462 chars]