Security 500 Benchmarking Survey Now Available!

  • published date: 2020-05-28 00:00:00 UTC


<div class="body gsd-paywall"><p>The 2020 Security 500 Survey is now<a href=""> available online</a>, and we want your input!</p> <p>Why? Check out our top four reasons to participate in the Security 500:</p> <p>1) <strong>Benchmarking:</strong> As a survey participant, the database will be shared with you in a confidential benchmarking report containing metrics within your particular market sector. Determine where your department ranks in terms of:</p> <ul> <li>Brand Protection</li> <li>Business Resilience</li> <li>Corporate Security</li> <li>Cybersecurity</li> <li>Information Technology</li> <li>Intellectual Property Security</li> <li>Investigations and more</li> </ul> <p>2) <strong>Stay Confidential:</strong> The published report in the November 2020 issue of <em>Security</em> magazine (and online at will not disclose your specific data or results, but detailed, key metrics will be provided in your own benchmarking report. Companies will not be disclosed.</p> <p>3) <strong>Networking:</strong> Participate in the Security 500 Survey and get your complimentary invitation to the Security 500 Conference, to be held on November 16 in Washington, DC. This peer-to-peer networking event hosts a variety of speakers and panels, including discussions on COVID-19 response, risk mitigation, crisis management and more.</p> <p>4) <strong>It’s FREE:</strong> We’re doing the work for you!! The <a href="">survey</a>, the report, the November edition, and the Security 500 Conferences are all free to CSOs, Security Directors and security leaders.</p> <p>This is an opportunity to show that your security program is among the best in the world – Take a few moments to fill out the <a href="">survey </a>or send it to the appropriate security leader at your enterprise. You never know: The results from this survey could give you the buy-in you need for your next project to keep the enterprise secure.</p> </div>